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Bk's Finest

[Image: g5weuDv.png]

Badkush's  Most Dankest Clan

#1 - TourFwenty

#2 - Shlamzuh

#3 - Sanero

#4 - DaggerDude21

#5 - Brutistheguy

#6 - xxxxxxxxxxxx

#7 - xxxxxxxxxxxx

#8- xxxxxxxxxxxx

E V E N T S:

Weekly Boss Rush! - Times tba

Once a week a boss wheel will be spun, chosen and hunted! Obviously hosted by  the Bk's Finest™ squad.

Bi-Weekly Boxing tournaments! - Times tba

With Real cash and item prizes for 1st and 2nd place you really wanna take part in this 1v1 elimination tournament!

Weekly Raids Day - Times tba

Join in some quick raids with our experienced Bk's Finest™ players on raids day! Get that Twisted- bow you've been wanting!

Clan Perks:

-Members can buy Anglerfish for just 1kea

-Mad street cred.

-Possible immortality IRL.

Dm 'Tour' on discord for more details.
This thread is not for Applications.
Send Applications to 'Tour' on Discord.

Discord \ Ingame name:
minimum requirements:
-10,000 ingame minutes
-15 Prestige Points
-7 Quest Points

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