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In light of recent events.

I know that all the Staff, Supports as well as Moderators are aware of the damage glitch that many players have been abusing.  However, the items that have been acquired on the back of this glitch have been introduced and ruin the integrity of our server, overall. Maybe it's not my place, but I don't think its enough to just be aware of the bug.  Players have introduced billions worth in items using this glitch and it's not fair for the legitimate players.  I'm aware that this is Beta, and that much is broken and i see the effort being put forth to correct it.  This problem lies in what you deem acceptable inside of this server and where the line is drawn.  I'm not the only one who feels like this is a bigger problem than the bug itself.  If I'm out of line, I will remove this.  I don't know what goes on between staff so I could very well not be right in saying any of this.  All I care about is the integrity of our community and the economy.


Thank you for your report on the issue at hand. It was promptly dealt with upon discovery and the situation will be closely monitored to lessen further damage to the economy.
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