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How to get the ability to fish Anglerfish

Howdy folks, ya friendly neighborhood Memeboi Oe

This guide is going to be detailing how to get to Anglerfish and the requirements entailed with it.
I've seen a lot of people ask how and where to go to fish them. 

1. Fishing Trophy
2. Sea Fishing Map
3. Weather Forecast
4. Level 82 fishing
5. Sandworms

How to get Fishing Trophy:

[Image: 7f471c94be9dd176e2f737d1ce08627a.png]

If you don't know where or how to fish Sharks, check out my Fishing guide here: 

How to get Sea Fishing Map:
There are a couple ways to get the map. 
1. As a drop from Kraken
[Image: 24326cd64c928c9b84a6455829e7dbde.png]

2. For 1 million Skilling Points
[Image: eaba5780536731eddeef785f0aa2a6b8.png]
[Image: 95c82ec4e88d49d33964d4038d3a4f21.png]

How to get Weather Forecast:
You get the Weather Forecast from the Fishing Caskets that was ashore while fishing. Can also buy the Fishing Caskets from the Skilling Points store.
[Image: eaba5780536731eddeef785f0aa2a6b8.png]
[Image: dea640220d41ad8e96ef6580d4849ef4.png]

After you gather those 3 items, go to ::fishing and talk to this fellow. 
[Image: 498b6b3f02cbaa3ddb2f6080fd2a745d.png]
He will give you [Image: 84da4f7a37297bd97fea23235e57b7a2.png]
Then right click him again and hit teleport with the Pass in you inventory. He will bring you to the fishing platform.
Once you get there you will need to fish manta rays to get Big Sea Bass, Big Shark, or Big Swordfish.
[Image: feef973864636d0b0a63e4b127fe1be1.png] 
You then turn these into
 [Image: da60fd53003b7b93ef9661c4d7878882.png]
For fishing points.
Big Sea Bass = 1 Point
Big Swordfish = 3 points
Big Shark = 5 points
You then talk to the guy to buy Sandworms
[Image: 3b74e6fff50a899ce98e19d174d6fcc0.png]
I recommend buying the packs for 50, you get 50 sandworms for 50 points, rather than 1 for 5.

After you have the sandworms, bring a fishing pole and them in your inventory to 
[Image: a2c881932aa66682e1df97c737cbc70b.png]

[Image: b3c76c94f44d5eac989300c02b069e83.png]

Now you have your lovely Anglerfish. 

If I missed anything, just let me know, I'll update it as quickly as I can.

Hey homie awesome guide!

AY! Thanks for posting Bud, I've found lots of people have been trying to figure this out so this should help a ton.

Thanks for posting this, hardest part is to get Weather forecast. Dodgy It's not tradeable and it's really rare to get from caskets. But after u get one, u get like every 2nd casket one weather forecast  Big Grin Big Grin

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