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BadKush Market Prices

BadKush Price Guide:

What's up y'all! My names Damian aka Diablo. As the new Chief of Economy on BadKush i wanted to put together a resource for players to see the current fair asking price on most relevant items currently in-game. I will be updating the prices of items regularly. I have color coded each item either green, yellow, or red. 

Green: High Supply, Low-Medium demand, sold on a non-regular basis, due to so many being easily obtained or having little/no usefulness.
Yellow: Moderate Supply, Medium/High Demand, Sold semi-frequently.
Red: Limited supply,High demand, little/no seller market.

These are official fair asking prices.  Supply and Demand are the 2 factors that weigh into home much an item is worth. The price of any item is what you and a seller/buying come to a conclusion on. There prices are here to help make a generalized price guideline.

**: Indicates that prices may differ greatly from what is stated below.

Melee Weapons

Ghrazi Rapier: 1.5-2B+**
Sythe of Vitur: 2B+**
Rapier: 325-500M**
Ultimate Granite Maul: 1B-2B**
Vesta/Statius: 9-12M
Tent Whip: 12-15M
Elder Maul: 25-35M
Armadyl Godsword: 20-30M
Bandos Godsword: 8-10M
Saradomin Godsword: 20-30M
Zamorak Godsword: 20-30M
Saradomin sword: 5-10M
Zamorakian Spear: 8M
Zamorakian Hasta: 8M
Abyssal Whip: 4-5M
Lucky Cutlass:150-250M**
Dragon warhammer: 20-25M
Abyssal dagger: 15-20M
Abyssal Bludgeon: 15-20M
Dragon Claws: 100-150M
Korasi: 15-20M
Barrelchest Anchor: 1-5M
Ranged Weapons

Ultimate twisted bow:1.5-2B+**
Twisted Bow: 500-650M**
Armadyl Crossbow: 30-35M
Blowpipe: 15-25M
Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 15-25M
Heavy Ballista: 10-11M
Light Ballista: 5-8M
Magic Weapons

Ultimate Pharaohs Scepter: 2B+**
Weak scepter: 25-50M**
Sanguinesti Staff: ???
Kodai Wand: 15-20M
Master wand:6-8M
Toxic Staff of the Dead: 10-15M


 Viriditas pieces:50-100M**
Infernal Set pieces: 300-350M**
Justiciar Set pieces: 150-200M**
Avernic Defender: 200-250**
Mummy: 60-100M
Statius/Vesta: 10-12M
Bandos: 5-8M
Armadyl: 15-20M
Ancestral: 15-25M
Ankou: 5m
All Barrows: 1M
Serpentine Helm: 20-25M
Black Mask: 15M

Dinh's Bulwark: 20-30M
Twisted Buckler: 20-30M
Dragonfire Shield: 15M
Spirit shield: 3-5M
Blessed spirit shield: 125-150M**
Spectral spirit shield: 100-150M**
Divine spirit shield: 200-250M**
Elysian spirit shield: 200-250M**
Lava Spirit shield: 225-300**
Infernal Spirit Shield: 750-1B**
Kruzion Spirit Shield: 750-1B**

Primordial Boots: 30-35M
Pegesian Boots:30-35M
Eternal Boots: 30-35M
Ranger Boots: 5-8M
Infinity Boots: 2-3M
Dragon Boots: 500k

Amulet of Torture:25-30M
Necklace of Anguish: 25-30M
Occult Necklace: 25-30M
Amulet of Fury:3-5M
Tormented Bracelet:10-15M
Ring of Suffering:10-15M
Tyrannical Ring/(i): 4-5M/8-10M
Berserker Ring/(i): 4-5M/8-10M
Archer Ring(i): 4-5M/8-10M
Seers Ring(i): 4-5M/8-10M
Ring of Wealth: 10M
Ring of Wealth (I): 30-50M

Dragon bones: 30-35K
Lava Dragon Bones: 50K
Wyvern Bones: 50K
Superior Dragon bones: 75-100K

Blue: 4K
Black: 9K

Tin: 1K
Iron: 2K
Coal: 2-3K
Mithril: 2K
Adamantite: 3k
Runite: 4K


Iron: 3K
Silver: 3K
Gold: 3K
Steel: 6K
Mithril: 7K
Adamant: 9K
Rune: 11K
Uncut Gems

Sapphire: 3K
Emerald: 4K
Ruby: 5K
Diamond: 7K
Dragonstone: 25K
Onyx: 1000-2000K

Guam: 1K
Marentill: 1K
Harralander: 1K
Irit: 2K
Avanote: 2K
Ranarr: 3-4K 
Toadflax: 4K
Dwarfweed: 5K
Snapdragon: 7-8K
Torstol: 12K 

Normal: 1K
Oak: 2K
Willow: 3K
Maple: 4K
Magic: 8-10K
Redwood: 10-12K
Raw Fish

Trout/Salmon: 2K
Tuna: 2K
Lobster: 3K
Swordfish: 3K
Monkfish: 4K
Anglerfish: 10-12K


Sharks: 8-10K
Manta: 10K
Angler: 15K

Crystal key: 50K
4:20 Key: 50-100K
Event key: 15M


Elysian: 150-200M 
Lava: 150-200M 
Holy Elixir: 100-125M


Zulrah Scales: 500-1K 
Draconic Visage: 10-12M

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