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BadKush Metric

BK Metric

What is BK Metric?
BK Metric is a platform based on the current BadKush API where players can look up items and check-up on player profiles. It's currently in early development and far from done, but since BadKush is in beta I don't mind opening it op for the public. You can verify your in-game account by claiming it with a unique no-registration system, where we don't need your in-game password. Once you've claimed it you can manage your profile and select a theme, set your privacy settings and see when you were last active.

[Current features]
In-game player authentication
Item database with NPC droptable (not up to date)
Player list
Activity checker
Item information (supported by the community)

[Upcoming features]
Player signatures (for on forums)
Experience tracker
Drop tracker
Public announcements (linked with the #ingame Discord channel)
Player activity based on public announcements
Event notifier
Staff profiles (XtraDankTheme)
Item search optimization
(More items are being added)

[Image: 3DA6NcO.png]
[Image: NAs5LaX.png]
[Image: CAFkZEz.png]
[Image: wxNEDYk.png]
[Image: 3GjJbjJ.png]

Please keep in mind that most of the features are still in development.
This is just a demo-version of what's eventually going to be released.

If you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please let me know underneath this post or message me here or in-game.
Also let me know what you think about the progress so far.

Looking forward to expanding this project,

Kind regards, 

Ayyy great work on this Array! This is awesome.
[Image: banner.png]

Awesome stuff Array. Been checking it out, this is unique to this server and i love that!

Just released a big update for

The following features have been added:
- New homepage, more RPG styled (will be updated in the future)
- NPC list (needs additional information added) (
- Search option to look-up items and NPC's
- Cookie policy
- You can now login on your player profile
- Revamped item detail page (

WIP features:
- Player profiles will soon contain a drop log and community log (
- People will soon be able to add additional information about items and NPC's
- Players will soon be able to update NPC details (eg. Combat Level, Locations)
- Forum signature generator

More coming soon!

Ayyy the updates are looking awesome Array! Great job.
[Image: banner.png]

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