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[Competition] Gameplay video

For our brand new website we are planning on using a video background that displays several gameplay elements in the game. We would like to challenge you guys, and start a little competition. So video fanatics, content creators, and hobbyists, this is your chance to stand in the spotlight.

[Video requirements]
Ideally the video quality would be 720p with a low framerate of 24-25 frames per second. A low bitrate helps out with the smoothness without pausing to buffer the video. The video should not be longer than 30-40 seconds and seamlessly looping the video would be a great addition.

Depending on the amount of entries, we strive to a deadline of 1 month. This would mean that the deadline would be 2019/3/6. We are still developing the new theme for BadKush, but we expect to have it online short after the competition has finished.

[What's in it for you?]
Like every event, we offer a reward for the winner of this competition. The winner would earn the following:
  • Your in-game name tag underneath the video on the homepage of BadKush
  • A 500 KushBucks Bond
  • Our forever-lasting gratefulnes
[How do I enter?]
Just upload your entry to YouTube or WeTransfer and send me a PM with a link. If you want to, you're also allowed to post your video underneath this thread. 
Please make sure you keep a back-up of the original video to maintain the best quality.

Thank you in advance and we're looking forward to all the future entries.

We wish you all good luck, 

The BadKush team

Sweet gonna start on this asap

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