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Buying many things

Greetings people,

There is a boat load of things I'm looking to buy so to make things easier I will try to sum it all up.

I'm buying all skilling supplies such as

- all wood
- all gems from ruby-onyx (nothing below those in terms of level)
- all ores / bars
- all arrowheads/bolt tips/ dart tips (except for steel, they currently give EXTREMELY low fletching exp.)
- all dragon hides
- all herbs/unfinished potions (paying a bit more for dirty)
- all raw fish from sharks-manta rays
- all agility tickets (if tradable)
- all bones

and I'm also buying crystal keys and mystery boxes.

If you are selling anything or have something I might be interested in please direct message me on forums, discord (@Peter Avanes), or in-game .

Thank you for reading

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