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Thoughts on Skilling

Hey all! I'm suggesting we revamp some basics to the skilling training. I know most are afk...however some tend to be pretty tedious when going for Prest 25. What's your thoughts on making some of the skills more rewarding? I'm talking the boring skills: fishing, farming, mining to me are the most tedious.
Some thoughts how to remedy this...
-A skilling boss?
-A skill task person, kind of like slayer but for skilling, and completing a task grants a small exp boost or more skill points?

All in all Id like to really just bring this discussion up in the air. By no means do I want skilling to be faster in leveling, that's why we can pick our exp rates...I merely want a more enjoyably/fun time when skilling. What are yall's toughts on the matter?

I think that would be awesome! You should put this in the suggestions section of the discord. If you're not in the discord I recommend joining.

As far as a skilling boss goes, I thought about adding wintertodt. It is on the to-do list, but it will not be for quite some time as there is a lot of work to be done for it to be done.

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