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08-16-19 Updates/Fixes

We're pleased to announce that we have completed a 1:1 recreation of Castle Wars! This includes everything from catapults, to ropes, to barricades to the underground rock quarry and more! We're working hard on introducing player bots so you can join in an epic battle of Castle Wars back when it was active 24/7 on real RS.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the HTTPd hugging out for the older web services such as
  • Fixed Jeeves' Crown in private messages.
  • Fixed a bug with Ironmen not being able to access the Donator Armour Shop.
  • Fixed a typo with the Growing Potion.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cooks Apprentice Quest
  • Fixed a typo with the Username change system
  • Fixed a bug with the Lumbridge Guide.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the Username change System
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the Anti-Smuggling code
  • Fixed a bug with the Nechryarch Slayer Task
  • Fixed a bug with the Fight Arena quest
  • Fixed the Vorkath BP and the Handcannon
  • Fixed auto donations on the Main Website
  • Fixed a bug with PM alerts.
  • Fixed a bug with the Server update system
  • Fixed a bug with being able to pick pockets from dead NPC's
  • Fixed a typo with redeeming KushBucks
  • Fixed a parsing bug with the HTTPd
  • Fixed a bug with Runecrafting and being able to smuggle pouches.
  • Fixed a bug with Ironman Shopping
  • Fixed a bug with the Amulet of Recall
  • Fixed Jeeves' crown in the yell channel
  • Fixed using an item on another player.
  • Fixed a bug with Object interactions
  • Fixed a bug with right clicking some objects in the game world.
  • Fixed a bug with monster drops not properly announcing the monster ingame.
  • Fixed *another* bug with pick pocketing NPC's while dead
  • Fixed a bug with NPCs facing you while dead
  • Fixed right-click talk-to attacking Men\Women
  • Fixed a bug with Agility interactions not properly being clipped
  • Fixed a bug with Warped Jelly Superior and Legendaries not properly rewarding the player
  • Fixed a bug with the Crystal Shield(i) not properly being equipped in the right slot
  • Fixed a bug with the KBD Blowpipe and the Vorkath Blowpipe having the wrong stat requirements
  • Fixed the equip slot for the Mythical cape
  • Fixed a duplicate Vesta Platebody in the Chest rewards
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the Auto walk for Flowers, Firemaking and trapping
  • Fixed a bug with the Runelite status bars conflicting on Fixed\Dynamic sidestone arrangements

  • Added stats to the Triple and Quadruple EXP rings.
  • Bonfires now count towards your log burning achievement.
  • Added a bank to FunPK
  • Burnt Karambwans are now stackable.
  • Made it so the HTTPd will serialize JSON slightly faster.
  • Updated the Discord bot from Javacord 2.0 to 3.0
  • You'll now get 2x base exp while at the Wilderness Resource arena
  • Added higher requirements for the Keepers Dagger and Fan of Grigio
  • Sanfew Serum has been added
  • Increased the max bank space for Elite, Super, Normal and Non-Donors
  • Killing a Nechryarch will count towards Nechryaels tasks
  • Killing a Cerberus will count towards Hellhound tasks.
  • Killing any Superior version of an NPC will count towards its non-superior task.
  • Bloodvelds are now a Medium Slayer task.
  • Adjusted Low Level Slayer for Lower combat level players to make the initial grind a bit easier.
  • Coded in around 50 new weapons, mixed variety from swords to hatchets, bows to 2H's
  • Infernal Axe now requires 60 Attack to wield
  • Added Dragonstone Dragon Bolts(e) to Crossbows
  • Added combination Runecrafting, you now just need the opposite talisman in your inventory and you will be able to craft the combination runes.
  • Made it so the top voter system is now completely automatic, on the first of every month, the system will reward the top 3 voters and enable 3x vote rewards for 3 days. It will also announce the winners in the #events-and-raids section on Discord
  • Adjusted a few of the pets examine description to be more lore friendly
  • Hardmode Barrows will no longer reset each time
  • Zulrah now counts as a boss and has a kill counter.
  • All player bots including Jeeves will now properly traverse the world with clip data.
  • All pets are now tradeable!
  • Thieving artifacts are no longer blocked behind a prestige requirement
  • Cheap haxed ladders and staircases into the server, expect there to be a few bugs with this system until its ironed out.
  • Server reboots will happen slightly faster
  • Added Mantaray to the Wilderness Resource area
  • Added Draynor Agility roof top course
  • Teleport History will now work for most command teleports now
  • Added the commands ;;wildyaltar and ;;wildyresource
  • Added all of the Donator Zones to the city teleports.
  • Added ;;fountainofrune teleport
  • Renamed Varrock and Edgeville Wilderness teleport names.
  • All of the Wilderness Teleports will now have a Wilderness warning you can toggle on\off
  • Added Fountain of Rune to the teleport menu.
  • Added ;;revcaves, ;;callisto, ;;chaosfanatic, ;;chaoselemental, ;;scorpia, ;;vetion and ;;venenatis
  • Added the Al-Kharid rooftop Agility course
  • Adjusted the Agility skill menu to include the roof top courses
  • Changed the overhead text colour for team-mate player names
  • Worn Fishing items will now allow you to Fish
  • Added ;;ancients, ;;normal and ;;lunars to instantly change your spell book outside of PvP minigames and the Wilderness.
  • Added the command ;;swapspells to act as a visual selection between the 3 spell books
  • You'll now be rewarded for ever 100, 500 and 1,000 kills per mob, the higher the combat level, the higher the reward!
  • You can now type spaces in front of your ;; or :: commands and it will replace the spaces
  • You can now eat Kebabs, Super Kebabs and Ugthanki Kebabs
  • Added the Sapphire Amulet to the Clue Supplies shop
  • Added ;;togglespam
  • Placing Flowers is a bit less broken now
  • Placing Hunting traps is a bit less broken now
  • Fixing placing Hunter traps on another trap
  • Attempted logins are now throttled to only 50 per 20 minute

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