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08-27-19 Updates/Fixes

In this update we’re bringing you two new bosses, Obor and Bryophyta!
Both of these have their own unique weapons that they drop, some of them influence skilling directly.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the Drop Catchers not properly checking if your inventory is full.
  • Fixed a bug with some ladders causing issues.
  • Fixed a bug with the Statius Warhammer and the Bandos Godsword.
  • Fixed a bug with Castle Wars announcing globally without the game timing out.
  • Fixed a bug with the Donator Zone teleport not properly asking which zone you'd like to go to.
  • Fixed a bug with the Donator Dungeon teleport not properly working.
  • Fixed the Kodai Wand and the Tome of Fire not properly updating the Magic Interface with the Rune usage.
  • Fixed a bug with the Crystal Monster teleport not properly showing the interface.
  • Fixed a bug with the Dharok(i) effect not firing correctly.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the permissions system.
  • Fixed a bug with Hardcore Ironmen crowns having issues with certain dialogues.
  • Fixed a bug with the Granite Maul removing your health every now and then during its special attack.
  • Fixed the emoji text in Castle Wars.
  • Fixed a bug with pets dropping their items to death in non-wilderness areas, now your pet will always drop its contents in the wild.
  • Fixed a bug with pets losing "do not lose items" from their pet containers.
  • Fixed a bug with the Wilderness Revenant Cave pillar getting players stuck.
  • Fixed a bug with the pet Phoenix not properly announcing at the Pet Chest.
  • Fixed a bug with account creation getting stuck when players would click the emoji list.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the HTTPd server sending the wrong content type header for the API.
  • Fixed a pretty bad bug with the Claim system.
  • Fixed a bug with Obor's drops.
  • Fixed the Woodslayer weapon stats.
  • Fixed the Spiritwood weapon stats.
  • Fixed a bug with Brytophya's minions being able to be killed with Ranged/Magic, it is now a Melee only NPC.
  • Fixed a bug with Obor having the wrong ID for Uncut Dragonstone's in his droptable.
  • Fixed a bug with the Brutal Rune Axe.
  • Fixed a bug with Woodcutting.
  • Fixed a bug with Hunter.
  • Fixed a bug with Raids.

  • Your player character size will now reset if you enter Castle Wars.
  • Added the Donator Dungeon teleport to the teleport list.
  • All of the Donator teleports now use the PuroPuro GFX and Animation.
  • Long Bones will give 5k exp per bury(before any account modifiers) and Curved Bones will now give 2.5k exp per bury(before any account modifiers)
  • When you use the Enchant Item spell on a bolt, it will now alert you saying you need to use the Enchant Bolts spell instead.
  • @Kon & @Valor created the drop tables for Bryophyta and Obor. Many unique items will be introduced, including Bryophyta's Staff and a very powerful Skilling Axe!
  • The Golden Artifact is now more rare.
  • Moved Elvargs teleport slightly.
  • Super Donators+ will now have 2,000 bank slots, Regular Donators will now have 1,600 bank slots and Regular Players will now have 1,250 bank slots.
  • Added Mithril Dragons and Waterfiends to the Mithril Dragon Teleport.
  • Added the Golden Hatchet, Spiritwood Sword, Fancy Rune axe and the Woodslayer Battleaxe. They can ALL be used to cut down trees and have the proper animations for each.
  • @Valor and @Kon have added a new low level boss, Obor! It has a couple of unique weapons it drops and some unique cosmetics.
  • You can now permanently charge Bryophyta's Staff with 10,000 Nature Runes.
  • Bryophyta's Staff charged will now act as a source for Nature Runes.
  • Moved the Staffzone.
  • Moved the Jail location.
  • While your account is locked it will now be teleported home instead of to the staffzone.
  • Removed the God Staves from the Magic Store since they're in the Mage Bank Store.
  • Added Body Runes to the Magic Store.
  • The client will now initially start a lot faster.
  • The client will now initially use a lot less memory.
  • Made the initial client login much faster.
  • Removed all of the herbs from Bryophyta's drop table.
  • Gave Obor some more health.
  • Nerfed the Curved and Long bones slightly.
  • Added stats to Bryophyte Staff(both charged and uncharged have the same stats)
  • Added stats to the Golden Hatchet.
  • Moved Girgio to the new map location.
  • Added stats to the 1H Axe.
  • Viriditas' new area is now multi combat.
  • Obor & Bryophyta now count their kills and drop boss and PVM points.

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